Support and Recovery for the Digital Age

# of times an adult checks their

phone everyday.*


% of Millennials say:

“My Smartphone never leaves my side.” **

Change Your Life

Understand yourself, your struggles and what leads to acting out. rTribe will help you change your life.

Have a Strategy

Chaos leads to bad decisions. Leverage community for integrity and recovery. Small steps lead to big changes and greater confidence.

Track and Share Your Progress

Know where you are and where you’re going. Make your progress easy to track and to share with trusted friends.

You Belong in a Tribe.

No matter how much technology we use, we will always be tribal people. Stay connected to your friends and get help. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your Daily Accountability and Recovery App

Keeping your recovery simple & effective to help you make progress daily. Other features include private chat, secure login, and daily inspirational messages.

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* Source:

** eMarketer 9/14 (2008-2010), eMarketer 4/15 (2011-2015). Mobile includes Smartphone and Tablet.